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Adrian Peterson Is Not The Only Viking Pursuing A Record

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Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Much has been made of Adrian Peterson's push for the rushing yards record, and for good reason. But lost in all the hubbub is the fact that another true Norse hero is well on his way to creating his own piece of history, and while it may not be as impressive as rushing for a record off a freshly repaired knee, the circumstances are still pretty darn cool.

Our own Little Big Leg, Blair Walsh, has recently tied the record for most FGs scored in a season from 50+ yards thanks to his performance against the Rams (three of his five were from beyond the 50). Just one more of those and the rookie sensation will have his own named etched in the record books- hopefully alongside Peterson's come the end of the season.

Again, Walsh may not be doing this on a reconstructed knee, but the fact that he's already tied it as a rookie is beyond impressive to me. Add in the fact that he was the second kicker drafted (you know, after LOLegatron), and entered the league with a rap as being wildly inaccurate, and it's something worth really taking notice of.

I'll admit when I participated in a mock draft, I personally urged for and succeeded in having the Vikings draft Greg Zuerlein with their last pick. And during the draft when the Rams snatched him just before us in the non-mock draft, I had a sad. Boy was I wrong.

That said I still do wonder what would have happened had the Rams not taken Zuerlein. Supposedly he was higher on the draft board for kicker, just above Walsh, for the Vikings. There's a good chance we would have made a major mistake, and missed out on having our KOTF supreme. In the NFL you just can't discount luck- on the field or off of it. And boy did we get lucky in the draft, and we've enjoyed that luck right from the start when Walsh's heroics saved the day against the Jaguars- which, incidentally, began his road to the record books with that 55 yard boomer.

Will we see at least one more 50+ FG so that Walsh can have his record? I don't know. Sadly, unlike with Peterson exploding 82 yards for a TD, it's not necessarily a good thing when our kicker has to boom one out from that range. But as anemic as our offense can be, I wouldn't bet against him at least getting one more shot and taking the title. And while Peterson has truly been the superstar (the... most valuable player, if you will...) for the Vikings we still can't forget that we truly have won many games thanks to the strength of Walsh's leg.

But it was totally dumb to have drafted an inaccurate kicker and then booted (see what I did there?) Ryan Longwell in training camp for him. LOLZ!