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Weekly Chats Presented By XFinity Sports


The other day, I was presented with the opportunity to sit down with Austin Schindel, the XFinity Sports Guy, to talk about the Minnesota Vikings. We talked about the Vikings' improbably playing meaningful games in December, as well as Adrian Peterson's push towards the 2,000-yard mark and the NFL's single-season rushing record, among other things.

Numerous other blogs have gotten an opportunity to do this throughout the year. With some of the other things I've had going on, it took a while to get around to our site, but we eventually got there. I'd like to thank Austin and the rest of the folks from XFinity Sports for giving us the opportunity to sit down to do this video and highlight the Vikings and the site.

The video is about four minutes long. . .not a lot of stuff that you probably haven't heard already, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.