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The Ridiculously Late Power Rankings Round-Up

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Man, I just now realized that I hadn't gotten around to the Power Rankings Round-Up for this week. Must still be attempting to get adjusted to the time difference between here and the Central time zone. But, better late than never, am I right?

Once again, we start things off with the folks from SB Nation. The folks from the mothership apparently didn't think a whole lot of the Vikings' performance in defeating the St. Louis Rams, as they have the purple and gold holding steady at #14 this week.

The Adrian Peterson watch is on. He's at 1,812 yards, 188 yards shy of 2,000. He's also 293 yards away from Eric Dickerson's single-season rushing record of 2,105 yards. Dickerson had 313 yards in his final two weeks so AP is ahead of his pace.

Yes, Peterson is currently ahead of Dickerson's 1984 pace, but as we mentioned the other day, Dickerson had a huge 15th game against Houston that year, and Peterson will have to do the same to stay on track. It was a steady week for the NFC North at SB Nation. . .the Green Bay Packers stayed the same at #6, the Chicago Bears stayed the same at #15, while the Detroit Lions fell just one notch to #27. Minnesota's opponent this week, the Houston Texans, dropped two spots to #4.

What did Eric have to say over at our SB Nation Minnesota regional site? Well, apparently he was a little more impressed, moving the Vikings up two spots to #13 this week.

Adrian Peterson is the undisputed best running back in football. If he keeps this up for a few more years, he might be considered the best of all time.

Yep, Adrian Peterson. . .pretty good. What's scarier? Consider for a moment that, this next off-season, it doesn't appear he's going to have a major injury to rehab, so he can get even more ridiculous. Eric has the Packers holding steady at #6, the Bears dropping three slots to #15, and the Lions falling two spots to #28. Eric also has the Texans staying put at #4.

Next up, let's make a stop over at, where we see that Don Banks has the Vikings going up two spots to #12. Seems appropriate, since they'd be the last team into the playoffs if the season ended today.

The MVP race is daunting to figure out this season, but I don't know how one player could do more to make a team relevant and keep it in the playoff race than what Adrian Peterson has done in Minnesota. He has almost literally carried the eight-win Vikings on his back, and if they somehow reach the postseason, I think you're going to see the MVP momentum swing firmly his way.

Here's my take on the MVP voting. . .if you think that the MVP award should go to the league's best player, you should vote for Adrian Peterson. If you think that the MVP award should go to the player that's the most valuable to his team, you should vote for Adrian Peterson. Simple enough. Banks has the Packers staying at #4, the Bears falling two places to #14, and the Lions dropping four spots to #28. He has the Texans holding steady at #5.

What do the folks at ESPN think of the Vikings at this point? Well, they moved the Vikings up one spot, which only moves them to #15 in their rankings.

Adrian Peterson is making a stronger case every week for MVP, and Eric Dickerson's record is in trouble.

Sounds like someone at ESPN might actually be paying attention to the Minnesota Vikings. That's weird. ESPN holds Green Bay steady at the #6 spot, the Bears dropping three spots from #11 to #14 (and, somehow, remaining ahead of Minnesota), while the Lions drop three spots to #28. Houston holds steady at #3 according to the folks in Bristol.

Over at, they also move the Vikings up one spot, which puts them at #16. . .a number that will seem a bit ridiculous when I go over some of the other teams here shortly.

Read the St. Louis Rams blurb two slots down. When you're done with that, come back. ............ .................................................................................................................................................... ............. OK, so here's what the Minnesota Vikings need to make the playoffs: two of the three NFC East contenders to lose (Redskins at Eagles, Saints at Cowboys, Giants at Ravens) and the Cardinals to play their tails off versus the Bears. Meanwhile, your Vikes are in Houston. From the in-case-you're-wondering department: The Texans' run defense is ranked fifth in the NFL. I still wouldn't bet against Adrian Peterson.

The Vikings need to keep winning, which is the bottom line. Hopefully, they'll do so on Sunday. keeps the Packers at #6 over, holds the Bears steady at #10, and the Lions dropping two spots to #28. They have the Texans falling two spots to #4.

(Seriously, how in the sweet blue hell do you justify the Bears as a top-10 team at this point? Honestly? I don't get it.)

Next stop is Fox Sports, where they move the Vikings up two spots to #12. Brian Billick gives us the most succinct, and most correct, commentary of the week.

Adrian Peterson = MVP. Easily.

Sure as heck won't get any argument from here. Billick keeps the Packers at #6, moves the Bears down two slots to #14, and pushes the Lions down five spots to #28. He also moves Houston down one notch to #5.

Lastly, let's head over to CBS Sports to see what Pete Prisco has to say. He moves the Vikings up one place, which puts them at #16 this week. He pretty much sticks with the same theme that everyone else went with.

Adrian Peterson is putting this team on his back and just might carry it to the playoffs. That would be impressive.

It most certainly would be. Prisco has the Packers. . .say it along with me. . .holding steady at #6, the Bears falling two places to #13, and the Lions dropping three spots to #28. The Texans move down three spots. . .yes, after a victory. . .to #5 overall.

That's your belated Power Rankings Round-Up for this week, ladies and gentlemen. If you have anything further to add or any other sets of rankings to throw out there, please include them in the comments.

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