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Jared Allen Vs. The Apocalypse

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EDIT: Apparently the video doesn't work properly in the Google Chrome browser, though Firefox and Internet Explorer seem to work fine. I have sent a ticket to support to see if they can figure out why that is. -Chris

Most folks here know that I'm not the biggest fan of ESPN, but this was too good not to share with everyone.

On ESPN's pre-game show this morning, they took a look at how Minnesota Vikings' defensive end Jared Allen was preparing for the end of the world, which was supposed to come this past Friday. (So said a bunch of people that apparently thought they could predict the end of the world but obviously didn't see the freaking Spanish coming in the early-to-mid 16th Century. But I digress.)

If anyone would be well-suited to help people prepare for the end of civilization, it would be Jared Allen. He's an avid outdoorsman, and hey. . .even if he wasn't, doesn't he look like he'd be able to find a way to get by in such a situation?

In any case, enjoy the video, folks. It's good for a few laughs, and to further celebrate this successful (to this point) Vikings' season.