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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Mock!

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It is that time of year to spread the good cheer with a Xmas Mock. Right now the Vikings are a playoff team with a crucial game coming up that is sure to make us very happy or very pissed. I am choosing to be happy already no matter what happens. I will not look at this next game as the reason for not making the playoffs. There are some other games where we can look at costing us the playoffs. But we are going to win anyway right?

Jason Miller

First some disclaimers.
1. I do not play video games and never have unless Pac Man is considered playing a video game.
2. I am an idiot by nature. It is something that comes naturally and I do not have to work hard at it at all.
3. I am not an NFL GM but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express this year.

I am going to go with the 21 pick right now for the Vikings. That means they make the playoffs but lose in the first round on the road.

This mock will obviously have trades. Why wouldn't it?

Trade 1. The Vikings trade Toby Gerhart to Cincinnati for a 4th round pick which is currently #112. I had this as a 3rd round pick before but I do not think Toby is going to get that much in a trade offer. In fact the team would be lucky to get a 4th.

Trade 2. The Vikings trade Percy Harvin to the New England Patriots for their 1st round pick which is currently #28. It could be lower too. Miami is another team that may be interested as they have two picks in both the 2nd & 3rd rounds. Their first 2nd round pick is #44. Maybe the Vikings could trade him to Miami for #44 and a conditional 2014 3rd round pick? I think he would get more than Brandon Marshall because he is only 24 and will be 25 next May whereas Marshall was 28 this year. Right now I think Belichek would love to get his hands on Percy at the age of 25 and then NOT have to pay Welker.

Trade 3. The Vikings trade Jared Allen to the Indianapolis Colts for their 3rd round pick which is currently #86 and a 2014 4th round pick. The Colts will be losing Dwight Freeney and could use a pass rushing specialist. They will have the cap space too. Considering they are doing well with Luck this could be a place where Allen is willing to resign. And most of all it gets him out of the NFC. The Vikings will face him when they play the AFC South which will not be for another 4 years now that they just got done playing the AFC South. Allen will be 34 by then and Kalil could be rolling as a perennial All Pro. Only way they play is in the Super Bowl. Yeah, this one seems like the most logical to me if, and that is a big IF, Indy is willing to give up the pick and take on that salary.

I know many will say I need to put down the pipe and back away from the computer. And they may be right but it is an adult beverage that is the thing I need to back away from.

I think that it is in the best interest of the team to free themselves from his $14.28 mil salary and possibly even more of a cap hit. I think that money can be used on other players, specifically free agents (either our own or others).

So now I can get onto the mock draft. But first I must list the free agents I would target. I have already torpedoed the roster by getting rid of Percy and Allen.

1. Sign Dwayne Bowe 6'2.3" 221 4.51 to a 5 year 58 mil deal with 28 mil guaranteed. I think it should follow along the lines of what Vincent Jackson received. Considering the franchise tag number next year is expected to be $9,692,000 this deal could pay him about 11.6 mil per year on average but we all know he is unlikely to see the last year or two. Here is Vincent Jackson's deal and stats along with Bowe's stats ...

Vincent Jackson
3/13/2012: Signed a five-year, $55,555,555 contract. The deal contains $26 million guaranteed, including a $2 million first-year reporting bonus and all of Jackson's first two base salaries. 2012: $11 million, 2013: $13 million, 2014: $10 million, 2015: $9,777,777, 2016: $9,777,778, 2017: Free Agent

Year Team G Rec Yds Avg Yds/G Lng TD 20+ 40+ 1st FUM
2012 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 15 69 1,334 19.3 88.9 95 8 23 6 58 0
2011 San Diego Chargers 16 60 1,106 18.4 69.1 58 9 21 4 54 0
2010 San Diego Chargers 5 14 248 17.7 49.6 58T 3 3 1 12 0
2009 San Diego Chargers 15 68 1,167 17.2 77.8 55 9 17 4 58 0
2008 San Diego Chargers 16 59 1,098 18.6 68.6 60 7 16 7 52 1
2007 San Diego Chargers 16 41 623 15.2 38.9 45 3 10 1 28 0
2006 San Diego Chargers 16 27 453 16.8 28.3 55 6 7 2 19 0
2005 San Diego Chargers 8 3 59 19.7 7.4 21 0 2 0 3 0
TOTAL 107 341 6,088 17.9 56.9 95 45 99 25 284 1

Dwayne Bowe
Year Team G Rec Yds Avg Yds/G Lng TD 20+ 40+ 1st FUM
2012 Kansas City Chiefs 13 59 801 13.6 61.6 47 3 11 2 43 1
2011 Kansas City Chiefs 16 81 1,159 14.3 72.4 52T 5 19 3 57 1
2010 Kansas City Chiefs 16 72 1,162 16.1 72.6 75T 15 19 4 55 1
2009 Kansas City Chiefs 11 47 589 12.5 53.5 41 4 8 1 31 1
2008 Kansas City Chiefs 16 86 1,022 11.9 63.9 36 7 12 0 49 0
2007 Kansas City Chiefs 16 70 995 14.2 62.2 58 5 13 2 51 0
TOTAL 88 415 5,728 13.8 65.1 75 39 82 12 286 4

Clearly Bowe is younger and ahead of where Jackson was at the time of his trade. So if the Vikings want Bowe then they are going to have to pony up.

2. Sign Henry Melton to a 5 year 25 mil deal.

I think the team will sign some lower level type LBs (that would include Brinkley and Erin H) and possibly a corner or safety (maybe Sanford).
Other guys I like are Rey Maualuga (homer), Laron Landry, Sean Smith, and Derek Cox.
But I think that Spielman is not going to go overboard in free agency and will build via the draft.
Any other free agents will be similar to this past off season in that they will not generate much excitement.

Yeah, I only like the two guys above. Bowe will be 29 next September and Melton will be 27 next October.
Bowe is the only one who age is a concern. But basically the guaranteed money should be paid in 3 years.
So by the time he turns 32 he will be entering his 4th year of the contract and releasing him at that point should not cause a cap hit.
That will be right around the time Kalil is going to need a new deal and maybe Leroy will need a new deal too.

Now onto the draft. With the trades the Vikings will have these picks ...

21. Barrett Jones C Alabama rSr 6-4 305 1st Team All American

This pick really should be easy. Jones offers so much value it is ridiculous. You have a player who can play guard, tackle, and center all at the highest levels.

28. Terrance Williams WR Baylor rSr 6-2 205 1st Team All American

Williams led the nation in receiving yards and is a deep threat to be opposite Bowe.

51. Phillip Thomas FS Fresno State rSr 6-1 215 1st Team All American

Thomas is a ball hawk and excellent tackler. I think he would form a nice tandem with Smith. They can let Sanford go or sign him to be special teams and a backup. Raymond is injured too much for my tastes.

83. *Stedman Bailey WR West Virginia rJr 5-10 195 1st Team All American

Vikings grab their Greg Jennings clone but better. Bailey is faster and made 2nd team All American.

86. Kenjon Barner RB Oregon rSr 5-11 192 2nd Team All American

Barner would serve as a nice change of pace to Peterson. Asiata can be the pounder if AP is out. Barner is another All American.

99. Will Davis CB Utah State Sr 6-0 186 3rd Team All American

Davis played very well this year and would be a nice addition to the secondary considering Winfield's age and next year likely being his last.

112. Markus Wheaton WR Oregon State Sr 6-0 182 3rd Team All American

Vikings add another WR to the mix. He is super fast and very productive.

115. Brandon Williams DT Missouri Southern State rSr 6-2 328 1st Team AFCA All American

Williams is a 3 time AFCA All American who has dominated the competition. There is no reason for him not to be successful. I look at the success of Akiem Hicks as an example.

147. Chris Jones DT Bowling Green Sr 6-1 292 3rd Team AP All American

Jones is a very good defensive tackle that has very good production.

168. Manase Foketi OT West Texas A&M rSr 6-5 320 1st Team DII All American

Transfer from Kansas State who was a Gene Upshaw Lineman of the Year finalist. Played left tackle but will likely move inside to guard.

179. Keith Pough OLB Howard rSr 6-2 235 MEAC Defensive Player of the Year

I think that Oough will come onto the radar of more people as the post season stuff gets under way.

211. Ryan Allen P Louisiana Tech rSr 6-2 215 1st Team All American

Time to let Kluwe go along with his salary.

Well there you have it. A mock to be mocked for sure! :)

Merry Christmas to All!