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New Uniforms For The Vikings In 2013?

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Jamie Squire

This information comes from a Miami Dolphins' fan site, of all places (and gotta give props to The Viking Age for beating us to this one). The site talks about how the Dolphins are set to get a new logo and/or uniforms next season, but they do slip in this one interesting little tidbit about our favorite football team.

Other bits of information I got from my source is that the Dolphins will not have an orange jersey next year and that the Vikings new uniforms are retro and "awesome".

Well, then.

This is the first that I've heard about the Vikings potentially getting new uniforms in 2013. Keep in mind, this news comes to us via the REO Speedwagon method (i.e. "heard it from a friend who. . .heard it from a friend who. . ."), but it's still interesting.

(And yes, that's going to be in your head all day now. You're welcome.)

The Vikings changed to their current uniforms before the 2006 season, and the consensus has been that. . .well, the previous uniforms were significantly better. That's a sentiment that I tend to agree with.

So, what are your thoughts, ladies and gentlemen? Do you want to see the Vikings go back to a more "retro" look starting in 2013?