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Joke Contest Winner Crowned

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We laid out the challenge to come up with a Chuck Norris-inspired joke ode to Adrian Peterson's toughness and the Daily Norseman readers came through--almost too well. Seriously, there were a lot of jokes to read.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Guess what. Daily Norseman readers are awesome.

I had this notion to do a short contest creating quirky jokes to build up the myth and legend of Adrian Peterson's amazing toughness. Clearly, Adrian Peterson doesn't need the help building his legend, his record does that just fine, but it seemed like fun. So the challenge I set before our readers was to come up with Adrian Peterson jokes that were Chuck Norris-esque, Chuck Norris being the previous standard for all that is tough and badass.

Since it was shortly before the holidays I didn't think that people would have much time for a contest, thus making my task of wading through the joke submissions easier. I was really, really wrong.

Looking at the comment thread for that piece, it got close to 90 comments from DN readers. Not all of those comments were jokes, but a lot of them had multiple jokes. There are easily about 80 Chuck Norris-inspired Adrian Peterson jokes in there. It made for a tough choice.

Most of the time I have the other writers here at DN help me choose contest winners. I compile all the submissions into a lengthy list and email it is out to the guys, get their responses, ignore their responses (well, I ignore Kyle's responses, he knows why), and choose a winner. But with more than 80 jokes to compile, that wasn't going to happen, it would take too long.

Instead, I'm going to crown a winner over here on our site and then post several of my favorite AD jokes over at the Daily Norseman Facebook page. Think of it like a joke-of-the-day calendar, if your calendar was only 80 days long. If you don't follow DN on Facebook yet, let this be the time you start because there were lots of great jokes submitted for this contest and you won't want to miss out. In particular, there was one fun one in the style of a story submitted by DN's own Eric Thompson--because it amuses him to submit awesome stuff and then see if I have the scruples to not crown him winner. Seriously, when have I ever claimed that these contests have scruples?

So, the winner of our Adrian Peterson joke contest and thus the person who will be crowned with our coveted famous available Burger King crown is sqrupa. Congratulations sqrupa, may you wear our imaginary and dinged up crown with panache!

And here's the winning joke:

When Dr. Bruce Banner gets angry, he turns into Hulk. When the Hulk gets angry, he turns into Adrian Peterson.

Really, he does. Click on the bolded part of the joke to see how our Pro Bowl running back looked for Halloween this year.

My thanks to everyone who participated and submitted such fun jokes. Makes me think we should have another joke contest.

And here it is. Finish this statement "Jared Allen is so crazy" in the form of a yo' mama joke. Two submissions per person (and I mean it this time--yeah, I'm looking at you (metaphorically-speaking) PURPpplEATER) with a December 27, 2012, 9pm CST deadline. A winner will be chosen via a sophisticated method of eenie-meanie-minie-moe and crowned, probably, on Friday. Probably.