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This Week's Minnesota Vikings Power Rankings Round-Up

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With the holiday and everything else, our Power Rankings Round-Up got delayed slightly, as did the Power Rankings from some of our favorite sources around the internet. However, I think we've finally gotten most of them together to present for your reading pleasure.

We'll start, as always, with the folks at SB Nation. They were apparently pretty impressed with the Minnesota Vikings thrashing the Houston Texans to the tune of 23-6, as they moved the Vikings up three places from #14 to #11. Here's what they had to say about things.

Beating the Texans, with Adrian Peterson held to fewer than 100 yards, no less, is not getting the attention it deserves.

No, you know. . .it's really not. Frankly, I think I sort of like it that way. SB Nation has moved the Green Bay Packers up one spot to #5, the Chicago Bears up two spots to #13, and kept the Detroit Lions steady at #27.

Eric also has his Power Rankings up over at SB Nation Minnesota. He was also (obviously) pretty impressed with the Vikings, jumping them up two spots to #11 in his rankings.

Minnesota has a winning season, the best running back in the world, and a chance to beat their most hated rival to clinch an unexpected playoff berth. Yeah, I'd say their 2012 is going just slightly better than 2011 did.

Just a tiny little bit better, yes. Eric has the Packers moving up two notches to #4, the Bears up two places to #13, and the Lions staying steady at the #28 slot.

Even the folks at ESPN seem to be at least a little bit impressed with Minnesota's performance this past week, as they've moved Minnesota up three places to #12.

Didn't even need a huge Adrian Peterson day to win in Houston and keep their playoff hopes alive. Win next week and they're in.

They won with defense last week, as Alan Williams' group seems to be coming together quite nicely. Hopefully we'll see more of that on Sunday. ESPN pushes the Packers two places higher to #4, the Bears up one place to #13, and the Lions stay put at #28.

On to Fox Sports, where Brian Billick and company give the Vikings one of their higher rankings, slotting them at #10, a two-spot bump from the previous week.

More importantly, the Vikings upset the Texans on Sunday. But Adrian Peterson failed to reach 100 yards rushing for the first time in nine games and is now 208 yards shy of Eric Dickerson's single-season rushing record.

I think Peterson is going to get to 2,000 yards on Sunday afternoon. The record? Well. . .that might be a little trickier. We'll have to see. Fox Sports moves Green Bay up two places to #4, Chicago moves up one spot to #13, and Detroit holds on to the same #28 spot it had the previous week.

We head over to next, where Don Banks has also given the Vikings a boost, moving them from #12 to #11 this week. He also makes a pretty good point in his commentary.

Here's hoping Minnesota's calm and cool Leslie Frazier doesn't get over-looked in the very competitive NFL Coach of the Year discussion. The Vikings have already tripled their win total of 2011, and to be playing for a playoff berth in Week 17 is a development that absolutely no one saw coming in August. It's good to see Frazier's low-key, respect-based coaching style succeed, because he's one of the most well-liked men in the game.

Don't get me wrong. . .I don't think there's any way that award goes to anyone outside of the Bruce Arians/Chuck Pagano combination in Indianapolis, but Frazier should be getting mentioned, at least. SI moves Green Bay up two places to #2, Chicago goes up one spot to #13, and Detroit once again sticking in the same spot at #28.

On to, where the purple and gold have been bumped up three spots to #13, and writer Elliot Harrison is snacking on a little bit of crow this week.

Huge win for the Minnesota Vikings, and a mea culpa from this writer. I did not see the Vikes going on this late-season run, riding the crest of large road wins in St. Louis and Houston. Head coach Leslie Frazier deserves some Coach of the Year votes, yes? As for Adrian Peterson, would love to hear your thoughts on if he can gain 208 yards against the Packers on Sunday to break Eric Dickerson's rushing record. Hit me up @Harrison_NFL. Thinkin' he comes up short, but what a year for AD.

Not very many people saw this late-season run coming, myself included. But, I'm quite happy to be watching it, that's for sure. moves the Packers up three spots to #3, the Bears fall a spot to #11 (yet they're still ahead of the Vikings, which I don't understand), and the Lions actually move up a spot. . .weird. . .to #27.

Last, but not least, we make a stop at CBS Sports to see what Pete Prisco thinks. He has the Vikings ranked lower than anyone on our list, way down at #14 (which still represents a two-spot jump).

That was a big-time win at Houston. Now all they need to do is beat the Packers and they are in the playoffs. Impressive.

Pete's been reading his playoff scenarios. Awesome. CBS moves Green Bay up two spots to #4, moves Chicago up one spot to #12 (yes, still ahead of Minnesota), and leaves Detroit in the #28 spot.

That's what we have for this week's Power Rankings Round-Up, folks. As always, if you have more to add, please feel free to do so!