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A Vikings/Packers Preview From TiqIQ

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Everyone keeps talking about Adrian Peterson chasing down Eric Dickerson's long-time single-season rushing yardage record this year. The Minnesota Vikings star running back has an outside shot at getting there (208 yards shy of the 2,105-yard mark), but it won't be easy. Possibly a little more realistic (and more important), however, is Minnesota's shot at earning a spot in this year's NFL playoffs.

That's right, despite two weak seasons in a row, Minnesota fans suddenly have something real to cheer for late in the season. In fact, the Vikings' last two home finales ($196 in 2010 against the Bears and $124 in 2011 against the Bears again) don't even touch this year's ticket price when you combine them.

While Peterson getting the record would be the cherry on top to a truly unexpected season, the Vikings would likely gladly sacrifice that record to simply extend their season. While that sounds great, it could prove to be difficult to accomplish either feat, as the Vikings have to do it against bitter NFC North rivals, the Green Bay Packers.

The good news is that Green Bay already owns the division crown and a playoff spot. Other than chasing down a first round bye, the Packers don't have a whole lot to play for, which could work in a desperate Vikings' squad's favor.

Put it all together, and this is a season capper for the ages. Two bitter rivals, a 20+ year-old record, and a playoff spot on the line. It's no surprise that Minnesota and Green Bay fans alike will have to cough up $572 on average for this one, with a low price of $123. This game is also 357% more expensive than the average price for Vikings tickets. It's also the most expensive home and road game for both teams this year. (Check out other NFL Tickets.)

You can thank the Vikings for that, who have a whole lot more riding on this one, as they sit at 9-6 and simply need a win at home against a bitter rival to keep their season going. If they can manage to keep the Packers out of a first round bye and get Peterson a much-lauded rushing record in the process, well, that's just the icing on the cake.