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MNF Open Thread

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Sorry for the delay, but late's better than never, huh? Anyhoo, tonight features a battle between the Eli Manning-led Giants in our nation's capital, dueling against the RGIII-led Redskins. There is a bit of playoff implication here- the Redskins are in the hunt for a wild card spot, but the Giants currently lead the NFC East. As much as I understand it, the game really doesn't have a lot of impact on our increasingly dim playoff hopes.

This should end up being an exciting game all around as both QBs have been enjoying a lot of success recently. Gosh, it must be nice to feel so secure at that position, huh? But forget that, we're going to can the Ponderpocalypse talk here for now. Let's enjoy something else for a minute, shall we?

Anyways, as it stands right now it's 0-0, but I imagine that will change shortly. Enjoy the game alongside your fellow Viking fans here!