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Packers At Vikings: Game Time And Broadcast Info

Final game of the season, ladies and gentlemen. There's no reason to miss this one, so if you're still really not sure how to follow all of the action, this post is here to help you out.

Kickoff Time: The football powers that be decided to push this one back to 3:25 PM Central time. That means that the Vikings will go into this one already knowing the results of the game between the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions, as well as the game between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles. If either the Bears or the Giants are victorious, the Vikings will have to get a victory to lock up a post-season berth. If they lose, the season is over. If both the Bears and Giants lose, the Vikings could get in even with a loss to Green Bay, but the Dallas Cowboys would have to lose the Sunday Night finale to the Washington Redskins.

Got all that? Good. . .let's just hope for a win.

TV Info: Once again, our favorite football team is on FOX. According to The 506, the announcing team for this one will be Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, because obviously I did something terrible to someone in a past life and need to be punished.

Here's where you can find the game in places that aren't the United States.

Canada - The game will apparently be on CityTV in Toronto and Winnipeg, SN East/West/Pacific, and RDS. Full disclosure: I have no idea what any of those things are.
United Kingdom - The game will be broadcast on Sky Sports Live, as well as BBC 5 radio.
American Forces Network - Coverage will be on AFN Sports starting at 2100Z. That's 2200L for folks in Central Europe, 0130L Monday morning in Afghanistan, and 0600L on Monday morning for folks in Japan and Korea.

For those of you that are watching via DirecTV's Sunday Ticket package, tune to Channel 716.

Radio Info: To hear this game via the dulcet tones of Paul Allen, look for the Vikings Radio Network affiliate in your area. Here's where to turn on the satellite side of things:

Sirius Radios - Channel 117 (Packers feed) or Channel 86 (Vikings feed)
XM Radios - Channel 228 (Vikings feed only)

Weather Info: Should be a fairly nice day in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. . .of course, the game is indoors, so what's going on outside really won't matter, but as far as traveling to and from the stadium there shouldn't be any issues.

That should be everything you need, folks. . .we'll have the inactives up here about an hour and a half before game time, and the first quarter thread shortly after that.

And now. . .we wait.