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NFL Announces Wild Card Weekend Schedule

Hannah Foslien

The National Football League has officially announced their schedule of games for Wild Card Weekend of the 2012 NFL playoffs. Since the Minnesota Vikings are among the teams that will be participating. . .you are aware that the Vikings made the playoffs, aren't you. . .it's important that we take a look at this.

Here is the schedule, just announced by the National Football League.

Saturday, January 5

Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans, 3:30 PM Central Time (NBC)
Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers, 7:00 PM Central Time (NBC)

Sunday, January 6

Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens, Noon Central Time (CBS)
Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys/Washington Redskins, 3:30 PM Central Time

NFC Divisional Round

Saturday, January 12

Highest remaining seed at San Francisco 49ers, 7:00 PM Central Time (FOX)

Sunday, January 13

Lowest remaining seed at Atlanta Falcons, Noon Central Time (FOX)

AFC Divisional Round

Saturday, January 12

Lowest remaining seed at Denver Broncos, 3:30 PM Central Time (CBS)

Sunday, January 13

Highest remaining seed at New England Patriots, 3:30 PM Central Time (CBS)

Keep in mind that, should the Vikings defeat the Packers next weekend at Lambeau Field, they would be guaranteed a trip to Atlanta, as they would be the lowest remaining seed in the NFC. There is no chance of the Vikings playing another home game this season.