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Could Percy Harvin Be Done For The Season? EDIT: Yes.

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Enjoy this, because you may not see it again in 2012.
Enjoy this, because you may not see it again in 2012.
Jeff Gross

Holy crap. No sooner did I post this than the 'Breaking News' banner announced Harvin was placed on IR. Well, how about that.

Today at his press conference Leslie Frazier was asked a few times about the status of Percy Harvin for the upcoming Bears game. The initial news wasn't good: Harvin hasn't practiced since the occasional straight-line runs last week, and his status for Sunday is likely every bit as doubtful as it has been since Seattle.

Things got worse from there, however. When the idea of Harvin being out for the season was brought up, Frazier danced around the issue before finally settling on "I don't know". It's being reported now that Harvin suffered a Grade 3 sprain, which means a full tear of a ligament in his ankle. The expected recovery time is roughly 4-6 weeks; it's been about 4 weeks now, so it may be safe to say that the higher end of the recovery time should be expected.

If so, it is likely Harvin could be done for 2012. Unless our playoff chances suddenly surge in the coming weeks (which I'm not really anticipating), then there's no point rushing him back out there. Of course, there was no point rushing Harvin back out onto the field against Seattle either, but it happened. At this point, I'm going to have to consider that another black mark against Frazier and co. for allowing that to happen.

And while speculation is a-swirl that part of the problem revolves around contract issues (sigh), I don't buy that. Harvin might have had his immature moments such as demanding a trade in the offseason, but I don't consider him a stupid person. Intentionally removing himself from the game- a la Titus Young, Roland McClain, etc.- rather than get back out there and help his team get to the playoffs would be downright boneheaded for a guy hoping to get a big payday in the next year or so. Furthermore, I also don't buy that as something Harvin, a known fighter and dedicated player/ teammate, would do.

Chances are also not good that we're going to hear about Harvin going onto IR anytime soon, either. At least not until the playoffs are completely out of the picture. As far however as his status for the rest of the season, we'll just have to see.

OK, as a side/ personal note, remember fellow Floridian Viking fans that our second annual get-together is this Sunday at 1pm, held at the Titled Kilt (NOT AJ's Sports Bar) on Drew Street right off of US-19. Text/ call me at 727-385-3694 or email me at Or post in the comments here. Or send me a tweet @KJSegall. Or throw a rock through my window. (Do not throw a rock through my window.)