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Groundbreaking Ceremony For Vikings Stadium Set For October 2013

The house that Wilf built
The house that Wilf built
Stephen Dunn

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority announced that the official groundbreaking ceremony for the new stadium will be in October of 2013.

As followers of this site remember, the Minnesota Legislature passed and Governor Mark Dayton signed the new Vikings stadium bill at the end of the state's legislative session last year, ensuring that the Vikings will remain in Minnesota for at least the next 30 years.

Although the original timeframe for the ground breaking ceremony was supposed to be in August or September, both the team and the MSFA are comfortable with the October groundbreaking. So far, the Vikings have announced an architect to design the stadium, and now the next step is to hire a construction management firm, and they will set out the timetable for the construction of the stadium proper.

And as long as dere's Minnesota iron ore, and Minnesota steel, and Minnesota workers eating Minnesota Spam, Rep. Tom Rukavina is okay with it (skip ahead to 2:35 on the link, or watch the whole thing so you can yell KHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNN one more time.

And if the ground is semi frozen next year, maybe John Marty's bitter, bitter tears can be used to soften up the soil.

It's really happening, folks. We're going to get a new stadium.