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Who Has The Vikings' Best Nickname?

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Hello there, ladies and gentlemen. My move is just about complete, and now I'm simply waiting for the good folks over here to come by and connect me to the interwebs at my current place of residence. Unfortunately, they won't be able to do that until Monday. Ted and Eric (or one of them, at least) will be with you through the Game Thread for the re-match against the Bears, and hopefully early next week yours truly will be back in full force.

We have a new sponsor for this here site, as the folks from Gillette have jumped on board the SB Nation train. They're posting various polls on their Facebook page for the next couple of weeks, and we're going to put our own spin on those polls. Their poll this week is about who has the best nickname in the National Football League. To which I say. . .who cares about the other guys? Let's talk about who as the best name on the Vikings.

As far as I can see, there are three solid, legitimate options for this one (although if anyone has one that I've forgotten, that's what the comments are for). The first one is, of course, "All Day" Adrian Peterson. The best running back in the National Football League can run around people, over people, through people, whatever. . .and he can, indeed, do it all day.

The second one is one that has been coined by the folks in the Game Threads here at DN, that being Kyle Rudolph "The Red Zone Reindeer." Since we are in the holiday season, this one kind of gets into the spirit of things, and as Rudolph trails only Rob Gronkowski in touchdown receptions for tight ends this year, it's about time he got the recognition that he deserves.

The last one is one that we might. . .I stress, might. . .have coined here, but it's entirely possible that we didn't. I speak, of course, of The Blair Walsh Project™. Yes, the best kicker the Vikings have put on the field in a very long time has had that nickname since, at the very least, right after the Vikings drafted him in April, and I'd suspect that he had it long before then as well. And, hey, if we didn't create it, I think we've certainly used it more than anybody else.

So, who has the best nickname among the players from the Minnesota Vikings? I've given you some pretty solid choices, and as I said. . .if I missed one, feel free to throw it into the comments section.