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Here's The Deal: Bears

WHat are the keys to the Bears game tomorrow?

Hannah Foslien

The Vikings are 6-6, with the playoffs a long shot. Two weeks ago they pretty much controlled their own dstiny, but after two straight losses to the Bears and Packers, that went out the window.

Two weeks ago in Chicago, the Bears dominated the Vikings. Working behind what was supposed to be a patchwork line, Jay Cutler carved up the Vikings, and the game wasn't really competitive. If the Vikings are going to turn things around and get a win against one of their two biggest rivals, they really need to turn some things around.

It starts at quarterback: Christian Ponder's professional life has been atrocious as his personal life has been kicking ass. Samantha Steele FTW!! I wish the happy couple all the best, but if his play on the field doesn't improve, and I'm talking immediately, might I suggest renting as opposed to buying in Minneapolis? Ponder has been terrible since the Vikings 4-1 start, and if he doesn't start off fast against the Bears, the boo birds will be out and the calls for Joe Webb will become unmistakeable.

Get off the field: At Soldier Field, the Bears converted on third down more often than a Kim Kardashian sex tape is produced. It kept the Bears offense on the field, which allowed them to roll up points and yards at an embarrassing rate. They were better last week against the Packers, but they still gave up a soul crushing 18 play drive to Green Bay while there was still a chance to win.

How about smacking Jay Cutler around?:The Vikings defense should have smoked the Bears offensive line, as they were down to practice squad guys starting. Yet, the only sack of Jay Cutler was when Cutler's foot got stepped on by one of his linemen as he was dropping back to pass. That was it.

Who will step up on offense?: With Percy Harvin out for the rest of the year, Ponder's job got harder, and somebody needs to step up. My hope is that it's Jarius Wright, who's flashed some talent in his first few games, and he has the longest reception of the year for the Vikings. Bill Musgrave needs to find answers besides Adrian Peterson, and he needs to find them right now.

So who's going to win?: The Bears are banged up, too. Brian Urlacher is out, and he may be coming to the end of a great career. The Vikings desperately need a win, they're at home, and they're almost to the point of playing spoiler. Minnesota is a much better home team than road team, and although logic tells me that what I'm about to write is dumb, I have a feeling the Vikings are going to show up and beat the Bears tomorrow, 23-16.