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Bears At Vikings: First Quarter Open Thread

This is Adrian Peterson.  He is awesome.
This is Adrian Peterson. He is awesome.
Dilip Vishwanat


Date: 9 December 2012
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Time: 12:00 PM Central Stadium: Mall of America Field
DirecTV Ch. 707
Radio: Vikings Radio Network
XM Ch. 135
Sirius Ch. 125
TV Announcers: Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Tony Siragusa
Know Thy Foe: Windy City Gridiron
Ted sez: Vikings 23, Bears 16
Final Score:

Once again, the ground rules for the Game Threads:

-Thou shalt not promote illegal feeds of today's game, or I shall kick thy arse to the curb until the game is over. Thou hast been warned.

-Thou shalt make an attempt to keep the swearing to a minimum. Understandable that it will slip occasionally, but do try to limit it.

-Thou shalt not feed the trolls. Rather, thou shall simply point them out, and they shall be banished to the fires of Mordor. Or Wisconsin. Whichever we feel is more harsh at the time.

-Thou shalt not engage in racist, sexist, or other such insulting rhetoric. Somebody disagreeing with you does not make them racist or sexist. It means they disagree with you. Talk it out like adults.

-Thou shalt not bait the fans of other teams into trolling.

-Basically, thou shalt not be a jackwagon in the game thread.

Hi kids, I'm standing in for Fearless Leader as he makes his way across the world racking up frequent flyer miles faster than Lindsay Lohan collects ankle monitoring bracelets. Standard ground rules above still apply. Don't make me wield the banhammer, mmmkay?

Anyone ever see the movie Patton, starring George C. Scott? You haven't? Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know we had communists and terrorists amongst us. Go watch it now. We'll wait. Okay. So remember the scene just as the Battle of the Bulge was beginning? He said 'the Germans are starving. They haven't mounted a major winter offensive since Frederick the Great. There is no reason to believe that they are planning one. Which is exactly why I think that's what they're about to do.'

The Vikings tend to jump up and win games when they have absolutely no reason to believe they will do so, which makes me believe they'll pick off the Bears today. I fully expect Adrian Peterson to go above beast mode into MurderDeathKill mode. Last week, he was somewhere between the two, and it wasn't enough. I think Ponder will be better today, simply because he can't be worse. But if he is, the cavalcade of boos will prompt Frazier to bring in Mighty Joe Webb, and then we'll have a full blown QB controversy. Hey, we're Minnesota, what do you expect.