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Bears at Vikings: 2nd Quarter Open Thread

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Vikings have gotten off to a fast start on both sides of the ball. Our favorite cyborg, Adrian Peterson, accounted for almost all of the Vikes yards on the opening drive, as the good guys went 80 yards for a TD. On the Bears first drive, Josh Robinson picked off Jay Cutler and returned it for an apparent touchdown, but replay correctly showed he stepped out of bounds at the 5.

Adrian Peterson, who is now in full MurderDeathKill mode, took it over from the one, and the Vikes have a 14-0 lead as we head to the second stanza. He has over 100 yards rushing and two TD's. In one quarter.

Also, Christian Ponder has completed not one but two...TWO...passes to wide receivers, including--wait for it...WAIT FOR IT...WAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIITTTTTT FOR IT...Jerome Simpson.

Keep your foot on the gas, boys, and don't let up.