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Bears at Vikings Third Quarter Open Thread

I belieeeve he can fly, I beelieeve he can touch the sky...
I belieeeve he can fly, I beelieeve he can touch the sky...

After a wild first quarter that saw the Vikings jump out to a quick 14-0 lead, the second quarter leveled out and the game became a battle of field position. The Bears got to within 14-7, though, with just under two minutes to go on a 23 yard pass from Jay Cutler to Alshon Jeffrey. And in the ultimate example of what have you done for me lately, the guy that got burned on that touchdown was CB Josh Robinson, who had a big pick in the first quarter.

Disaster almost ensued on the ensuing kickoff, as A.J. Jefferson fumbled the ball. After sitting on the ground for what seemed an eternity, DT Christian Ballard picked it up and rumbled past the 30. But because it happened inside 2 minutes, only Jefferson could've advanced the ball, nullifying one of the greatest kick returns by a 300 pound man I have ever seen.

Then Christian Ponder threw a horrid pick after Jarius Wright had gotten behind the coverage. A good throw would've been 6, but he underthrew it by about 37 yards.

Adrian Peterson is going nuts, but had a quiet second after scoring 2 TD's and running for over 100 yards in the first quarter.

The Bears will receiver the ball to open the second half.