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Your Late Games Open Thread

Matthew Stockman

Hey, the Vikes are 7-6 and and 3-2 in the division, and the playoffs are still a definite possibility, woo hoo! It's nice to get a win over the Bears and stay in the post season hunt. It's been frustrating not being able to beat one of our top division rivals, and this win is especially satisfying.

Although there's still a lot of questions to answer moving forward, for now let's just enjoy this win.

As for the rest of the NFL schedule, there are only three afternoon games today, and they are:

Miami at San Francisco

New Orleans (Screw those guys) at New York Giants

Arizona at Seattle

And our NBC game tonight is Detroit at Green Bay.

I'll probably watch the Giants and Saints game, but the Red Zone Channel is an excellent option if you have no preference.

For playoff implications, we're all Arizona Cardinals fans today, as Seattle sits at 7-5 and is sitting in the sixth and final playoff spot. So talk about the Vikings win over the Bears here, and let's go Cardinals!

And of course, let's go Lions!

We'll be along in awhile with the recap/SMR.