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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Team Rejects Latest Ramsey County Plan

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Well, that certainly didn't take long.

Ramsey County’s third Minnesota Vikings stadium proposal doesn’t work for the team, Vice President Lester Bagley said Friday.

The latest plan delivered to Gov. Mark Dayton shifted from using county sales taxes to user fees at the proposed stadium site in Arden Hills. Bagley was direct about the third effort, saying, "Our view is the earlier proposals were more viable."

I get that the legislature lacks the testicular fortitude to present any kind of a solution and, instead, offers nothing but criticism. I get that there are a lot of anti-stadium crybabies out there that think Zygi should "build it himself" (even though they'd find a way to whine about that, too, what with Zygi being able to keep all the profits in that case). I get that the team wants to maximize their profit potential after years of getting screwed over by the Minneapolis Sports Facilities Commission.

What I don't get, however, is that people fail to realize that something needs to get done. I don't give a damn what the anti-stadium crybabies say about the Metrodome. . .it's no longer a viable National Football League facility, and it hasn't been for a very long time. Talk all you want about a "new roof" and a "new playing surface." That's garbage and everybody knows it.

In this case, all of these parties involved could learn a valuable lesson from Professors Woods, Watts, Richards, and Jagger.

Get something done. Stop screwing around and get something done.

Has any other team in any other sport ever had this much trouble getting something done concerning a stadium?