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The Minnesota Vikings Were Not Very Efficient In 2011

2011 was not a great year for the Minnesota Vikings. I think we all pretty much understand this. But while the Vikings were losing a lot this past season, they were also among the most inefficient teams in the National Football League in doing so.

A site called (or, if you pronounce it slowly enough, "awesome guy". . .hey, it sort of markets itself) computed "Cost Per Win Efficiency Standings" for the National Football League this season, a function of taking a team's salary cap figure and dividing it by the number of wins the team got in 2011. With the Vikings only getting three victories, you would expect them to be at the bottom of the standings, and that's exactly where they were.

Based on the 2011 Vikings' salary cap figure of $123,553,646 (the highest in the NFL last year. . .talk about your crappy ROI), each win the Vikings mustered last year cost them $41,184,549. The only two teams that were less efficient were the two teams in the NFL that finished with fewer wins than Minnesota, the Indianapolis Colts ($57,129,649 per victory) and the St. Louis Rams ($60,917,893 per win).

This is just one of the many statistics about this team that really has nowhere to go back up. This team isn't going 3-13 again next year, so they will raise their spot in these standings next season.