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Numerous Streaming Sites Shut Down By Feds In Advance Of Super Bowl

Remember a couple of weeks ago when the SOPA protests and stuff were going on, and I posted that we couldn't link to sites that were streaming NFL games illegally any more? Well, the Federal Government just made it a little bit harder to do that sort of thing anyway.

While football fans gear up for the Super Bowl, the US federal government is making its own preparations: it's shut down a number of sports streaming sites, and arrested one alleged site owner. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has confirmed that it seized 307 domain names and $4.8 million in counterfeit NFL merchandise in Operation Fake Sweep, which was initiated in October. Of those domains, most sold unauthorized hats, shirts, or other goods, but 16 were seized because they offered pirated streams of sports broadcasts like the Super Bowl.

Most of the domains were owned by a man from Michigan who is now facing criminal charges. There was something similar to this that happened at around this time last year, and most of the new domains that were seized were just new names for sites that had been taken down last year.

We will have an Open Thread on Super Bowl Sunday for everyone that's watching the game to hang out and discuss things here on the site. Just a reminder, however. . .don't be posting links to streams in the thread, or anywhere else on the site. We know that this rule sucks for some people, but we've got to do what we've got to do.