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Expect That A Stadium Deal Will Be Announced At 9:00 This Morning

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Finally, our long national night mare might be ending. Apparently, the Vikings, the state, and Minneapolis city officials have finished a stadium deal, and from the sound of it, it could be passed very, very soon.

Now, the only reason I say that there will be a stadium deal announced at 9:00 is that if one was done, Zygi Wilf and Mark Dayton would hold a joint press conference at 9:00 on Thursday. Well, the Vikings sent out a press release saying that that press conference will, in fact, take place, so I can only assume that a deal has been reached.

Now that the deal is seemingly done, it's time to start counting the votes. I'd imagine there would be a few committee hearings before the vote in the House and Senate, but with that said, Governor Dayton said that he would not introduce a bill to the legislature unless he was assured that it would pass.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we're almost there. And it looks like the Vikings are going to get a new stadium in Minnesota. If I can find a live streaming site, we'll have it posted by 9:00, in time for the press conference.