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2012 NFL Salary Cap Comes In At $120.6 Million

Numerous NFL teams, including our own Minnesota Vikings, have been making roster moves over the past few days to ensure that they would either a) be under the 2012 salary cap or b) have as much room as possible under the 2012 salary cap. The only problem with that is that. . .well, nobody knew what the cap for 2012 was going to be. Not until now, anyway.

The 2012 NFL salary cap is going to be set at $120.6 million, according to Pro Football Talk and Jay Glazer of Fox Sports. If that doesn't sound a whole lot different from the 2011 salary cap, that's because it isn't. . .it's only an increase of $225,000 from the 2011 cap of $120.375 million.

After the Vikings released three players on Saturday, they currently sit about $23 million below the salary cap, according to Jeremy Fowler of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Nobody knows for sure where the Vikings are going to be focusing their free agent priorities at this point, but as we now sit exactly 48 hours away from the beginning of free agency, I'm sure the rumors will start flying fast and furious.