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Join The Daily Norseman's March Madness Pool!

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Bumping this to the top, because the deadline is approaching! Brackets need to be in by tip-off of the opening game! - Chris

Hey, are you a college basketball guru? Well, neither am I, but that's sure as heck not going to stop me from getting involved in that most enjoyable of spring sports traditions, filling out some brackets for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

Full disclosure. . .I've watched a total of two college basketball games from start-to-finish all season. Both of them came in the past week, when I watched both games the Minnesota Golden Gophers played in the 2012 Big Ten Tournament. Outside of that? Nada. Zip. Zero.

If you're interested in joining, we're doing this through the folks at Yahoo! Fantasy Sports. Simply hit the link there, click on where it says you want to join a private group, and enter the following information:

Group ID: 97896
Password: skolvikings

Yahoo! is running a couple of different promotions with this as well. . .there's a $10,000 prize if you have the best bracket in America, and if you should happen to get all 63 games of the 2012 NCAA Tournament correct, you will walk away with a cool $5 million. Of course, the odds of correctly predicting all 63 games are about the same as winning the lottery, and then getting struck by lightning on your way to redeem the winning ticket.

So, jump on into the pool, ladies and gentlemen. It should be fun for everybody. With that, let the madness begin!