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Minnesota Vikings All Time Draft, Round 7 Results

With the next selection in the Minnesota Vikings all time draft, the readers of the Daily Norseman select:

Steve Jordan, TE, 44%


Best TE in Vikes history? Best TE in Vikes history, no disrespect to The People's Champion

Now normally, if the Vikings were to take two tight ends in a draft, I'd be scratching my head. But I don't have a problem with this pick. This was a horse race and our closest vote yet, as he narrowly beat out CB Bobby Bryant by 30 votes. Carl Lee, who would've been another very good pick had he won, only received 15% of the vote, which is a little below where I thought he would finish. I'm glad to see one of our 'old timers' got due consideration, as the pattern has been to overlook them more in favor of the younger generation guys. Oh, and to the poster who commented in the selection thread that you were too young to remember any of the picks, thank you for thoroughly making me feel like a REALLY old guy. I hate you.*

I really liked Jordan, and as the best TE in team history he's a great value pick for the seventh round. He was what I think Joe Senser's career would've been had Senser (an earlier round option in our all time draft) not been hurt so early in his career. Jordan's size, speed, pass catching ability, and blocking made him the total package, and I consider him one of the all time greatest Vikings.

We'll be back with our final round later today.

*I don't really hate you.