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Free Agency Day One Open Thread

As you can see from the countdown clock over on the left-hand side there, we're a little less than four hours away from the start of free agency for the 2012 NFL Off-Season. OMG ARE YOU TOTALLY EXCITED!?

You would think that the first few signings would take a few hours to start trickling in, but there always seem to be one or two players that sign with a team shortly after free agency kicks off. . .kind of makes you wonder how they do it. Then again, with the NFL appearing to get more serious about rules being enforced, it makes you wonder if we'll see that today, too.

We can use this thread to talk about the start of the free agent period. Do you have anyone in particular that you think the Minnesota Vikings should be targeting early on? I think the team's first couple of calls should be to Brandon Carr and/or Pierre Garcon, but I've already expressed that sentiment in the past.

So, again, feel free to get into the free agency discussion here. Hopefully it will be a very interesting day across the National Football League. If stories break, you can most certainly share links to them here in the comments section, and if our favorite football team does happen to make a move or two today, we will have commentary on it up here as soon as we're able.