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Former Vikings Finding Homes

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For those of you who were wondering about Randy Moss being a Saint... (the ironically named team, of course, not the metaphorical term), that won't be happening. Earlier today, Moss has joined a team that stands a pretty good chance of getting him that elusive ring- assuming of course he's not traded/ released halfway through the season. After playing catch with coach Jim Harbaugh (yes, you read that right- don't forget, he was a QB), Moss has signed with the San Francisco 49ers. Everyone involved seems very happy about this... then again, everyone seemed very happy when Moss signed with the Vikings, and then with the Titans, in that crazy '10 season of his. Personally, a part of me really does wish Moss the best of luck- I suppose since our odds of '12 being our Super Bowl season are, well, remote, I could be OK with the 49ers bringing it home and Moss getting a ring that the player- but maybe not the person- deserves.

In other ‘former Vikes' news, despite the Browns being an early reported favorite for picking up Steve Hutchinson (based solely off of Mike Holmgren and Brad Childress' combined experience with him, not any reports that they were actually interested), the Titans have expressed interest and have met with him. No signing yet but I could see it happening. While the Moss news is little more than nostalgia for Vikes fans, this move does have one implication for the current team- for those who were thinking Hutch might have been picked back up at a reduced cost, that's beginning to look more and more remote now, especially since I haven't found any word that the Vikes have even attempted to do that.

That's all for now. No word yet on the whereabouts of Cedric Griffin, Anthony Herrera, or Randall Cunningham. (Oh wait, that last one's NOT trying to make a comeback? Never mind.)