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Minnesota Vikings All Time Draft, Final Round Results


Bad. Ass. Man.

Okay, here's the deal. It's late, free agency is underway, this week has been a bastard for me, and it's only Tuesday (nee early Wednesday), and I have to be up for work in about three and a half hours. With the last pick in the Minnesota Vikings all time draft, the readers of the Daily Norseman select:

Scott Studwell, LB, 70%

Studwell is one of my three or four favorite Vikings of all time, and you could probably smooth talk me in to him being my favorite Viking EVAH...if Chuck Foreman wasn't a goddamn magician with the football in his hands.

I've talked about him here when I wrote a blog that no one read, and I'll let those words stand. Like Kelly Campbell says, It is what it is, dawg.

Scott Studwell was a beast, and I hope that if there is a Valhalla, Studwell has a seat at the head table, because if anyone deserves it, it's him. Skol, my man.

So we round out our draft class with Scott Studwell. I gotta say, if he's the last pick, I like what we have, regardless of who we picked before him.

And if the #55 hasn't been retired, it freakin' needs to be.