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Chris Cook's Fate In The Hands Of The Jury

Closing arguments were heard today in the assault case of Minnesota Vikings' cornerback Chris Cook. The closing arguments took up most of the morning, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and the jury has gone home for the night. They will pick up deliberations again on Thursday morning.

(The article linked there gives a pretty good summary of the case as well, for those that haven't been inclined to follow it that closely.)

That means a group of seven men and five women now hold Chris Cook's immediate future in their hands. If Cook is found guilty of assaulting Chantel Baker, his then-girlfriend, he's likely going to find himself playing in the Minnesota Prison Rec League next season. If they find him not guilty. . .and, remember, "not guilty" and "innocent" are different things. . .then he is likely going to be back with the Vikings for 2012, although he could still face some disciplinary action from the National Football League after this entire ordeal. The NFL has proven that one need not be convicted of a crime in order to be suspended for a few games. (See also: McKinnie, Bryant)

But both sides have been heard from, and now it's time for the system to do its work. Obviously, nobody knows when the jury will come back with a decision, but when they do we will have reaction to it right here.