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Could The Vikings Have A Chance To Trade Out Of #3 After All?

We already know that the first two picks in the 2012 NFL Draft are all but set in stone, with the Indianapolis Colts poised to take Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, and the Washington Redskins having traded up into the #2 overall position to grab Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III. Since the latter happened, many folks. . .including yours truly. . .have concluded that the Minnesota Vikings would be "stuck" at number three overall, at which point they would take USC offensive lineman Matt Kalil.

However, to hear Peter King of Sports Illustrated talk about it, the Vikings might have a chance to move out of the third spot after all, should they desire.

The player that King is referring to in that tweet is Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, the consensus third quarterback in the draft after Luck and Griffin III. Tannehill didn't do anything at the NFL Scouting Combine because of a broken foot, but is expected to be good to go at A&M's Pro Day at the end of March.

So, say a team like the Miami Dolphins. . .who have largely been linked to Packers' backup Matt Flynn due to the fact that former Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin is the new head man in South Beach. . .offers the Vikings a substantial deal to move up to number three overall so that they could take Tannehill. The Vikings would, undoubtedly, miss out on Kalil in that scenario, because I doubt he'd make it all the way to number eight overall. St. Louis was rumored to be interested in him at #2. . .I think if Kalil lasted until #6 in that scenario, the Rams might set a new land speed record attempting to get their card to the podium.

It's a quarterback-driven league, folks, and the Vikings might. . .just might. . .be able to take advantage of that after all.