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Bud Grant Is Still Pretty Persuasive, Awesome

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So, with all the stadium drama taking place in St. Paul recently, if I were to tell you that Bud Grant was at the Capitol for something, you'd probably just assume that it would be connected to the new home of the Minnesota Vikings in some way.

In this case, however, you'd be incorrect.

The legendary coach was actually in St. Paul earlier this week to speak with lawmakers about raising the prices of hunting and fishing licenses in order to fund programs connected to those activities. Grant is still an avid hunter and fisherman, even at the ripe old age of 85, and apparently made a pretty solid impression on the folks in St. Paul. . .the proposal to raise those prices passed unanimously.

Hopefully, while he was there, he got a chance to speak with some of the folks up there about the stadium situation. He has said that he wants to be alive when the new stadium opens. . .however, at the rate that things are progressing, I'm not sure if I'll be alive when a new football stadium opens in Minnesota, and Coach Grant has 50 years on me.

If only the stadium legislation would have gone through as effortlessly as the cause that Grant championed this past week. Oh, well. . .as Vikings fans, we know that nothing is going to come that easily.