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Hey, The Vikings Signed Another Free Agent!

For the second time in three days, the Minnesota Vikings have signed a free agent that can charitably be described as an "under the radar" signing.

After signing former college point guard and Arena Football player Nick Taylor, the Vikings went out and signed a guy that has actually been a National Football League player. That player is fullback Lex Hilliard, late of the Miami Dolphins. A sixth-round pick (204th overall) of the Dolphins out of the University of Montana in 2008, Hilliard's career rushing numbers look like this:

39 carries, 130 yards, two touchdowns

He's actually been much more productive as a receiver, catching 26 passes for 210 yards and two more scores.

I'll be honest with you. . .I hadn't even heard of Lex Hilliard until I started typing up this post, but I had seen him listed as a running back. Finding out that he's a fullback helps this make a little more sense, but not a whole lot more. I'm not sure how good a shot he has of making the team or anything like that, but it's a signing, at least.

I said that this would qualify as an "under the radar" signing. Again, that was being charitable. To be more accurate about the Vikings' last couple of signings, I think we've gone past the need for radar to the point we might actually need sonar.