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Vikings To Entertain Fullback Jerome Felton

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Pictured: Jerome; Not Pictured: Morris Day and The Time  (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Pictured: Jerome; Not Pictured: Morris Day and The Time (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Because you can, apparently, never have too many fullbacks, the Vikings have announced that Jerome Felton, who has played for the Detroit Lions, the Carolina Panthers, and the Indianapolis Colts in his four-year NFL career, will be visiting Winter Park in the hopes of signing a contract with the Vikings.

Felton was the Lions' fifth-round pick (146th overall) in the 2008 Draft out of Furman University. Furman University is, apparently, located in Greenville, South Carolina. (I have now shared with you all the knowledge I have about Furman University.) The Vikings apparently attempted to claim Felton on waivers last year after the Panthers cut him, but the Colts had a higher waiver priority and snagged him instead. Felton played from 2008-2010 in Detroit, and split last year between Indianapolis and Carolina.

I don't know why this team seems to be loading up on fullbacks. The folks at The Viking Age speculate that Lex Hilliard (who the Vikings signed yesterday) would actually be more of a third-down type of back (since he can actually pick up the occasional blitz in addition to catching passes) while Felton would be more of a traditional fullback for the Vikings should they sign him. This would pretty much mean that Lorenzo Booker and Ryan D'Imperio will be getting visits from the Turk in the near future. Well, Booker's basically already gone (and not a moment too soon, in my estimation), but it would still appear to be an upgrade.

Geoff Schwartz is visiting Minnesota today, too. Hopefully some positive news will come out of his visit.