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The Schwartz Is Not With Minnesota. . .Yet

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As I mentioned earlier, the Minnesota Vikings played host to former Carolina Panthers' offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz this afternoon, and apparently things went pretty well.

Not well enough that he signed a contract before he left, mind you. . .but it still went pretty well, apparently.

His trip to San Francisco is, apparently, the last of his free agent sojourns, so hopefully his visit with the Vikings was "awesome" enough to get something done with the team in the near future.

One obvious advantage that the Vikings have. . .and one that I can't believe I didn't remember sooner. . .is that Schwartz's former offensive line coach, Jeff Davidson, is now the offensive line coach for the Vikings. Schwartz had a very good 2010 season under Davidson's tutelage, and hopefully the two of them will be able to reconnect in Minnesota to help the Vikings' offensive line.

I still think the Vikings have a pretty good chance at nabbing Geoff Schwartz. . .we shouldn't read too much into the fact that he left without a contract, in my opinion.