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Saints Defensive Players, Coaches Had Bounties On Opponents

Hey, remember when Jabari Greer was yanking the hell out of Adrian Peterson's ankle after he had come back from a high ankle sprain and fans of other teams told us that was totally cool and "everybody should just wear skirts" and stuff?

Yeah. . .turns out that Greer had a pretty good reason to do what he did.

So, yes, the gutless Saints' defense, led by their gutless defensive coordinator, had incentive to attempt to "take out" other players.

Gregg Williams has taken his special kind of gutlessness to the St. Louis Rams. While it would suck to punish the Rams for sins Williams committed when he was with the Saints, if Williams was administering this program, he should face some sort of punishment.

In the meantime, let me attempt to encapsulate just how shocked I am by these revelations.

No doubt that this is going to be a developing story. I just wanted to say this. . .

We were right. Yes, we were.