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The Schwartz Is Now, Indeed, With Minnesota

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Ladies and gentlemen. . .we got him.

According to 1500 ESPN, the Minnesota Vikings agreed to terms with offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz on a one-year contract. Schwartz had visited with the Vikings (and his former offensive line coach, Jeff Davidson) on Monday, saying that he had an "awesome" visit with the team, but he still fulfilled his obligation to meet with the San Francisco 49ers on Tuesday. After mulling it over, he apparently decided that the Vikings are the best fit for him.

Though Schwartz played both right guard and right tackle with the Carolina Panthers, it isn't readily apparent if he'll be playing on the right side of the line or if the Vikings will move him to the left guard spot previously manned by Steve Hutchinson. Joe Berger, who started plenty of games at guard last year during Anthony Herrera's injury, will have a shot to start at right guard, and 2011 sixth-rounder Brandon Fusco likely figures into the mix as well.

And, because of this. . .Spaceballs jokes for everybody! Woo-hoo! Because, you know, I haven't thoroughly run it into the ground yet.