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Saints To Continue With Bounties This September

Yep. . .apparently today's announcement simply isn't enough to get the Saints to stop with the bounties.

According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the St. Paul Saints have scheduled "Bounty Night" for September 1 at Midway Stadium when the team plays host to the Wichita Wingnuts.

The team will donate $100, $200, $300 and $400 to researchers studying the long-term effects of sports concussions for every Saints player who respectively singles, doubles, triples or homers.

What an outstanding gesture by the St. Paul Saints. Imagine it. . .rather than a team laying out money to cause concussions, the team will instead look to pay for research to cure them.

The St. Paul Saints are pretty well-known for their crazy promotion ideas. . .they're owned by Mike Veeck, the son of Bill Veeck, the man who put together the ill-fated Disco Demolition Night in 1979 when he owned the Chicago White Sox. Comedian and actor Bill Murray is also a part-owner, and I'd imagine he'd be on board with something like this, too.

So, if you don't have anything planned on September 1, go out and support the local minor league team. Minor League Baseball is generally a lot of fun, and I'm sure this would be no exception.

Why. . .what did you think I meant?