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Gregg Williams Had Bounty Out On. . .Brad Johnson?

The hell you say?

Citing multiple anonymous players, David Elfin writes at the Washington, D.C., CBS affiliate that when the Redskins opened the 2006 season against the Vikings, Williams (who was then the team’s defensive coordinator) made a specific point of telling his players to go after Brad Johnson, the Vikings quarterback who had previously played for the Redskins.

"Gregg came in and dropped $15,000 on the [table] and said, ‘Brad Johnson doesn’t finish this game,’" one player said.

The mind, it boggles.

For as arrogant as this lying scumbag comes off as, it appears that he has serious issues with his actual abilities as a defensive coordinator. What other reason would there be for you to tell your defense that the key to victory is going out and injuring a quarterback that was (at the time) 38 years old and didn't have a hell of a lot of mobility or arm strength by that point in his career?

Brad Johnson? Really? Really?

Gregg Williams just becomes more and more pathetic with each day that passes by in this whole thing. If it was happening to anyone that was worth a damn, it might actually be sad to see. As it stands now, I'm not sure if anyone deserves it more.