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Jared Allen Advances In Madden '13 Cover Voting

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The "play-in" round of the Madden NFL '13 cover voting has finished, and in what should come as a surprise to pretty much nobody, the Minnesota Vikings will be represented by defensive end Jared Allen. I'm not sure how much he beat Percy Harvin by, but if our poll here was any indicator of the overall sentiment, it was by a lot.

So, in the first round of the contest, #69 is matched up against one of the NFL's other premiere pass rushers in Dallas Cowboys' defensive end/linebacker DeMarcus Ware. Seeding them NCAA tournament-style, this is a 7/10 match-up, with Allen holding the higher seed. The winner of this one will meet the winner of a battle of New England Patriots between tight end Rob Gronkowski (the 2 seed) and wide receiver Brandon Lloyd. Why two Patriots? Well, I'm guessing that Lloyd is the representative for the St. Louis Rams, but as he signed with the Patriots as a free agent, they are identifying him with his current team.

You can vote for. . .or against. . .Jared Allen at's Madden Vote site.