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The Vikings Did Not Fare Well In "NFL Bracketology"

Apparently, did something called "NFL Bracketology" starting a couple of weeks ago, and it was so exciting that I wouldn't even have known about it if I hadn't seen a post on Baltimore Beatdown talking about the 2000 Ravens advancing in the tournament. took the best teams of the Super Bowl era and lined them up in a tournament format. The Vikings had three representatives in the tournament. . .the 1969 team, the 1976 team, and the 1998 team. (I'm guessing the 2009 team would have been in as well, but. . .well, you know.*)

Unfortunately, none of those three teams made it out of the first round of the tournament. The '98 squad, a 10-seed (the highest any of the Vikings' three representatives could muster) lost to the 1973 Miami Dolphins. . .that's not the team that went undefeated, but the team from the year after that beat the Vikings for a second straight NFL title. The match-up was very close, however, with the '73 Dolphins winning 53% to 47%.

On the other hand, the 1969 team. . .a 14-seed. . .got throttled by the 1984 San Francisco 49ers to the tune of 86-14 in their match-up. The other Vikings' representatives, the 1976 team, kept things a little closer against the 1971 Dallas Cowboys, but still fell by a margin of 67 percent to 33 percent.

The tournament is down to the finals of each of the four brackets, if you still want to get in on some voting. In the finals of the "Mike Ditka" bracket, the 1985 Chicago Bears (the lone NFC North representative remaining) takes on the 1981 San Francisco 49ers. The winner of that match-up will battle the winner of the "Chuck Noll" bracket final between the 1976 Oakland Raiders and the 1999 St. Louis Rams. The other side of the bracket has the "Don Shula" bracket final being contested by the 2000 Baltimore Ravens and the 1998 Denver Broncos, and the "Bill Walsh" bracket final that is, appropriately, being played by two 49ers teams, the 1984 version and the 1989 version.

So, if you're an NFL history buff, check it out for something to do. My apologies for not getting anything on this up sooner. . .maybe we could have pushed the 1998 team to a victory or two.