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Overnight Open Thread: Saturday Night Stand-Up

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We haven't done an open thread in a while, I don't think, and since I know there are folks out there that might be browsing late tonight or early in the morning, I thought I'd put one out there. Remember, these threads are for discussing anything you'd like, but I'm throwing a topic out there as well.

As I'm sure I've mentioned in the past, I've been a big fan of stand-up comedy ever since I was pretty young. There are plenty of different comics out there with different styles, and you can pretty much find anything to suit your tastes. I'd like to spotlight a couple of personal favorites for your viewing pleasure this evening.

Jim Gaffigan - My current favorite, I understand that Gaffigan's style isn't for everyone. But he is pretty hilarious without being terribly crass or crude, which is always nice. This is probably his most famous bit, if you've never heard it before (or even if you have, I guess).

Steven Wright - A bit of an oldie, but another guy that a lot of people I know are kind of divided about. Most folks I know either think the guy is hilarious or they just can't get past the completely deadpan delivery. I've been a big fan of his for a long time, though.

Mitch Hedberg - A native of St. Paul, Mitch Hedberg had a very. . .unique. . .style to his stand-up. He had a terrible case of stage fright. . .a little strange for a stand-up comedian, to say the least. . .so he wore sunglasses during his performances and didn't make a whole lot of eye contact with the audience. He, like Steven Wright, had a pretty unique and easily identifiable speech pattern as well. Mitch Hedberg passed away almost seven years ago, but he left us plenty of good material before that.

Those are a few of my personal favorites. Who are some of your favorites?

And, with that, the open thread is open! Have at it, ladies and gentlemen!