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Vikings Officially Declare That Chris Cook Will Be Back

In something that shouldn't really come as a surprise, the Minnesota Vikings have officially declared that Chris Cook will be brought back to the team for the 2012 NFL season.

". . .Spielman said: "We had Chris in the office the other day, and I talked to him and Coach Frazier talked to him, he met with our staff.

"We are very excited about getting Chris Cook back, not only to help us on the football field, but we think Chris Cook is a very good person, and we really believe that he's moving on and going to be a better person."

Well, I certainly hope so. This team sure as heck doesn't need to deal with any more garbage like they had to deal with from Cook this past season.

The Vikings are still going to have plenty of holes in the secondary, even with Cook's return. But if he and Antoine Winfield can stay healthy this season, the back seven should be markedly better than they were in 2011.