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The SB Nation Writer Mock Draft Kicks Off Tomorrow

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Yes, it's getting to be that time of year again, and the 2012 SB Nation Writer Mock Draft will officially get underway on SB Nation's Draft home, Mocking the Draft, tomorrow at 8 AM Central time.

The draft will blast through three picks per day and get through two rounds. Since we're selecting in the top three. . .quickly does math. . .that means that our first round selection will be going up tomorrow! The Indianapolis Colts' selection will go up at 8 AM Central time, followed by the Washington Redskins' pick at 11 AM Central, and then the choice for your Minnesota Vikings at 2 PM Central.

There aren't going to be any trades in this draft (save for the one between the Rams and the Redskins that has already been completed), which means that our second pick will be at number 35. That should take place in about a week and a half at the pace of 3 picks per day.

So, be sure to hit up Mocking the Draft tomorrow at about 2 PM Central. . .and frequently before that as well. . .to find out who we're selecting in this year's SB Nation Writer Mock Draft. Of course, if you've been paying attention to the site here, you probably already know exactly who the pick is. . .or you should, anyway.