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Is There Really A Market For The Vikings' Pick At #3? NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert checked in from the NFL Owners' meetings today, and the topic he was taking a look at was whether or not there was a serious market for the Minnesota Vikings' selection at #3 in the 2012 NFL Draft. As we've mentioned previously, the object of the affection of anyone that wants to move up to that spot will likely be Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill will have his pro day on Wednesday in College Station, so that will probably go quite a way towards solving this riddle. That will be something for Viking fans to keep an eye on.

But it appears that there are, basically, two teams that could be in the market for Tannehill if he kills it on his pro day, and they are the Cleveland Browns and the Miami Dolphins. Now, the Browns are in a pretty good position, selecting fourth behind the Vikings. They know that the Vikings aren't taking a quarterback, so they might feel that they're in a pretty good position to have him fall into their laps.

The Dolphins, however, might be in a position where they're feeling a bit desperate. They've been looking all over for a quarterback this off-season, and they missed on both Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn, the latter of whom I thought was a lock to end up on South Beach. They were rumored to be a part of the Tim Tebow derby, but he wound up with the Dolphins' division rivals in New York. The natives are getting restless in South Florida, folks. . .and, yes, I know that there weren't many natives at that protest, but they were natives, and they looked awfully restless to me.

Would a trade up for a quarterback be the sort of thing that makes the Miami fans happy? And how much would it take for them to move up?

Well, according to "the chart". . .and, again, the chart is guidance as opposed to gospel, but it's the best thing we've got. . .the Dolphins would have to make up 800 "points" in order to make an even trade with the Vikings to move up from #8 to #3. That means that even if the Dolphins threw in their second pick at #42 overall (480 points) and their third-round choices at #72 and #73 (455 combined points), they would be overpaying slightly. . .maybe Minnesota could throw back a later round pick. . .it could get the job done.

Whatever kind of package the Dolphins offer in this scenario, it would have to blow Rick Spielman away, because moving from the Vikings' current spot at #3 down to #8 would mean that they would certainly miss out on USC offensive tackle Matt Kalil. . .and LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne. . .and Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon. That would be a bitter pill to swallow, to be certain, but if the Vikings could get more picks to build with, it could work out for the best.

Conversely, if the Vikings could make the Browns think that the Dolphins are really interested in Tannehill, they could offer the Browns a flip of spots. . .with the Browns throwing in their second-round choice at #40 overall. . .to move up to #3 and ensure that they got him.

I, ultimately, don't think that the Vikings will end up moving the third overall pick and that they'll end up drafting Matt Kalil, but 'tis the season for rumors and innuendo.