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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Majority Of Minneapolis City Council Pledges Support

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Ed Kohler hardest hit.

Yes, a fairly significant hurdle in the stadium battle was cleared today, as the Minneapolis City Council sent a letter to Governor Mark Dayton, Senator Julie Rosen, and Representative Morrie Lanning stating that the majority of the council would, in fact, vote in favor of a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings adjacent to the Metrodome site.

The current stadium plan is currently languishing in the Minnesota legislature, having been stopped (but not killed) a couple of weeks ago. It appears now that the legislature and not the City Council is going to be the final hurdle in getting this deal completed. Hopefully with City Council approval being assured, the bill can get back on track again and can go through the process of getting an up-or-down vote before the legislative session closes for the year, whenever that might be.

The fight isn't over yet by a long shot, but this is a very big battle for the Vikings to have won. Now, if Kurt Zellers and company can allow this bill to start moving through the process again, we could be celebrating a new Vikings' stadium before draft day comes around.

Of course, given what we think about Kurt Zellers around here, you can figure for yourself what we think the odds of that happening are, as sad as that is.