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Your Complete List Of Minnesota Vikings' 2012 Draft Picks

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Since there was a bit of confusion about it yesterday when the compensatory picks were announced, allow me to pass along the list of all of the Minnesota Vikings' 2012 draft picks. As it stands right now, there are ten of them in all.

Round 1, Pick 3 (#3 overall)
Round 2, Pick 3 (#35 overall)
Round 3, Pick 3 (#66 overall)
Round 4, Pick 3 (#98 overall)
Round 4, Pick 33 (#128 overall) - compensatory selection, can not be traded
Round 4, Pick 39 (#134 overall) - compensatory selection, can not be traded
Round 5, Pick 3 (#138 overall)
Round 6, Pick 5 (#175 overall) - from Cleveland Browns in Jayme Mitchell trade
Round 7, Pick 3 (#210 overall)
Round 7, Pick 16 (#223 overall) - from New England Patriots via Philadelphia Eagles in Randy Moss trade

So, yes, the Minnesota Vikings did receive a sixth from Cleveland for Jayme Mitchell, and a seventh from the Patriots in the Randy Moss debacle. They also lost their own sixth round pick (#173 overall) to the Washington Redskins as part of the Donovan McNabb fail.

Eight of those ten picks (the non-compensatory ones) are fair game for trade or whatever else.

This is from the list that the NFL's PA people put out, so it is accurate. I hope that this clarifies things for everyone as far as where the Vikings are selecting and why.