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Jarrad Page Attends Los Angeles Dodgers Open Tryouts

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Let's get away from topics that don't involve cheap shot artists, shall we?

Safety Jarrad Page, who the Minnesota Vikings signed late in the 2011 season as the injuries to their secondary continued to pile up, might be attempting to take his career in a different direction. According to the Los Angeles Times, Page attended an open workout for the Los Angeles Dodgers late this week.

According to the article, Page was drafted not once, not twice, but three times by Major League Baseball teams, the most recent time being a seventh-round selection by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Orange County of California of the United States of North America of the Western Hemisphere.

(I'm not sure if that's what the Angels are calling themselves any more or not. I also might have embellished it a little bit.)

Page is a free agent, having only signed a one-year deal with the Vikings that expired at the end of the season. I haven't heard about the Vikings having any interest in bringing him back, but if they don't and he doesn't get signed by another NFL team, it's cool that he might have something to fall back on.