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The Minnesota Vikings Are Not Moving To Los Angeles

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And, for at least the immediate future, it doesn't look like anyone else is, either.

At the meeting, Goodell politely told Anschutz that the terms are unacceptable to the NFL and any of the handful of teams that have been targeted for a potential move to Los Angeles, including the San Diego Chargers. Kraft attended the meeting because he is also very close to Anschutz and does business with AEG. Kraft echoed Goodell’s remarks.

As a source explained: "It was friendly, but boiled down to the view that no NFL owner would accept the terms proposed. If [AEG] wanted to get that much control over an NFL franchise, their only option would be to buy a team. If they were willing to back off the control and buy a [limited partnership] stake for a reasonable price, then a shared interest in selling suites/clubs/sponsorships could be worked out."

The AEG group wanted to buy a portion of a team at a discounted rate, according to the article, and work out what was basically a rental agreement for a new stadium with whatever team wanted to move in there. I'm not sure why an NFL owner would sell a minority stake in a team or anything like that, but that's what AEG wanted.

So it appears that Los Angeles is off the table. . .for now. If something doesn't start happening soon in Minnesota, I have a feeling that the folks at AEG might be getting a call from Zygi Wilf. I hope that's not the case, but realistically I wouldn't be able to blame the guy if he did just that.